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Door Closerscloser door

Surface-mounted door closers come in four variations: Slide-track arm, regular arm surface mounted, parallel arm surface mounted, and top jamb mounted. Overhead door closers are typically surface mounted, through most manufacturers offer concealed models too. Such closers mount inside a pocket in the door frame or are mounted in the floor directly under the pivot point and are completely concealed.
Another type of door closer, a surface mounted one, is attached to a the door frame behind the door (where the hinges are) next to the middle hinge. The “arm” rests against the door, and a spring that is bent by the user opening the door closes the door by retracting to its proper shape.
There is also the storm door and screen door variation of the door closer. As the name implies these piston shaped closers are used on storm, security and screen doors which give the home an extra line of defense against weather, intruders, and insects. Where as interior closers typically use hydraulics, storm door closers are more typically pneumatic, using air and springs to close the door. Storm Door closers generally have a small metal washer on the rod that is used to lock the closer in the open position when moving stuff in or out, but more recent models such as the Touch n’Hold door closer have a button to actuate the hold open feature to make this process easier.

Floor Springsfloor spring

Whether standard, narrow, or wide, our floor springs are beautiful as well as capable of meeting the demands of any door frame. Now you can enjoy wide range of functions =, which are easy to use, and can be individually selected to suit your requirements. Our product quality is persuasive, and reliable. We are confident that our product will meet all your needs.