We are the leading manufacturers of great quality door closers, floor springs, chase self-tapping sheet metal screws. The products that we have are International Standard.

We have made these products for over the last 25 years. We cater to the upscale clientele and treat all with the most care we can because it is you that has kept us in business for all of these years. True to our name we strive for perfection in every way we can and every product that leaves the factory premise will be guaranteed and in perfect working order. We promise.

The quality that we put into every item is our promise to you.

Below are some of the items that we have for purchase. If you like any of them make sure to purchase them while we have them in stock!



PF-85The pf 85
It has a power size of 3 and is for doors up to 260 lbs. It is a hydraulic control with a max opening of 105 in both direction. The swinging speeds are adjustable and fully independent. Made out of high grade steel. It also has a double action floor spring with a 90 degree door hold open. It also has a designed speed adjustment value protect floor spring for use of bad weather conditions.


The PC-70 is a fire resistant door closer and is universal model made for right and left hand opening doors. It has two speeds with adjustable latching and closing speeds. It will lift doors up to 170 lbs and is rated for up to 2 million cycles. It is made from steel alloy and is adjustable for all different sorts of installations with different openings.




There is a size range 2 with this door closer. There are two separate values that give it an adjustable latching and closing speed. This is the new design that has the excellent performance upgrade. Value 1 has a adjustable value with a closing speed range from 130 to 20 degrees. Value 2 has a adjustable value with a closing speed range from 0 to 20 degree. Made from steel and has an universal application non handed. It is made for residential and commercial use.






Construction rated at over 1,000,00 cycles. Made of steel. It is universal for both right and left handed doors. It is Fire resistant and has a single valve that provides full hydraulic control. It can lift up to 150lb doors and is fully adjustable for all sorts of different openings and angles.